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World Kindness Day!

World Kindness Day!

Kindess can be shown in any shape or form, any day. It shows and can be seen in something as simple as cleaning up after yourself when at a guest’s house. A small act of kindness remains in the heart of the receiver forever. 

As a company that believes in core values and giving back, kindness is the base of one of our most important pillars: giving back. This International Kindess Day, we want to highlight one of our biggest acts of kindness, our donation to WATERiSLIFE. For every product that is bought, we donate ONE GALLON of water through WATERisLIFE. We have also contributed in building 2 clean drinking water wells in Kenya through WATERisLIFE and are working our building our own third well. 

To help us this International Kindess Day, donate to help us make a difference here.

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