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Why I broke up with my spring break location!

Why I broke up with my spring break location!

By: Psyche Terry

Let’s just put the cards on the table! We work hard to keep our brands innovative, uplifting, and fresh and in order to do this we as a company rely on keeping with our college traditions of Spring and Holiday Breaks! We honestly are probably the only company in the United States that encourage our team members to actually have fun during their paid spring break

You heard me right, we send our full timers away to catch a break and we as owners, founders, and mommy and daddy usually take the week off too! No phones, no text, no Twitter, and no IG - well I’m addicted to IG stories - follow me ;)! 

For the past few years when we drive for 10+ hours we never even leave the great state of Texas. We honestly had gotten quite accustom to going up the same city and staying at he same hotel and eating as much shrimp and sea food as we could stand. 

But thanks to awesome college bloggers who took it upon themselves to let our family vacation secret out - last year we were bombarded by over 200+ College kids on the beach during our stay. 

My 7 year old didn’t understand why girls where wearing thongs and boys were screaming loud while playing volleyball all dang night long! 

It’s because of blogs like this one: 

“Top Spring Break 2018 Destinations: Week of March 10th - StudentCity Blog”.

This year we planned to bite the bullet and still be faithful and go but where we paid 60 and 70 per night it’s up to 400 + a night! I was appalled that hotels could even change rates so rapidly especially for and to college kids! 

So I had to tell my family this year no South Padre Island. My kids were bummed - but only as long as it took me to pull out photos to Orange Beach! 

I’m hoping for something quiet- but not up quiet, and hot, but not too hot. We shall see. I was sad to loose his number but I had to do what was best for me. And being over charged and over stimulated was simply not going to be the case for me. 

So I told South Padre Island Spring Break 2018 - it’s not you - it’s me. But really it’s all about my new man full of surprises for us, Orange Beach baby! 

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