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What is Micellar Water?

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a new must have skincare product, and many of our LUHVies have wondered, what is it? In order to answer that question, we have to explain what makes micellar water special. Micelles are tiny oil molecules with cleansing properties that are infused with soft water. The combination of additional ingredients with micelles creates an excellent cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer for your face. Micelles are naturally attracted to dirt and oil, resulting in a clean face without dryness.

How to Use Micellar Water

  1. Saturate a cotton pad or soft towel with micellar water.
  2. Gently wipe to remove stubborn makeup, dirt, grime, and oil, avoiding eye and lip areas. No rinsing necessary.
peach and papaya micellar water
Have you tried a micellar water? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.
- Vontoba Terry, Founder

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