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Urban Hydration Joins ‘Empower Global’ to Empower Black Businesses

Urban Hydration Joins ‘Empower Global’ to Empower Black Businesses

Urban Hydration has joined Empower Global, a digital marketplace founded by Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, to support Black-owned businesses.

"Building Black wealth starts with investing in Black-owned business and giving entrepreneurs access to the consumers needed to build sustainable companies that can thrive" published Sean Combs, founder of Empower Global, on the newly launched site.

Empower Global is a powerful platform that features a wide variety of Black-owned businesses, from fashion and beauty brands to food and beverage companies.

In a social media post, Combs confirmed his intentions: "For a long time, I thought about how to create radical change. Over the years I’ve realized radical change starts with us. I’m extremely passionate about creating a platform that will show the power of unity. Through my life’s work and the different stages of success, I’ve realized for our people to break through and advance we have to do things together. Empower Global represents a solution to all of the things that have held our communities back. Let’s unite, brand by brand, company by company, person by person, customer by customer, and dollar by dollar."

The participation of Urban Hydration in Empower Global is a significant step forward for the company to reinforce our connections with the Black business community. Being a Black women-founded and managed company, this new marketplace will provide Urban Hydration with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and raise awareness of the importance of Black businesses and the need to support them.

To find Urban Hydration products on Empower Global, enter here

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