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Treat yourself to a self-LUHV day!

Treat yourself to a self-LUHV day!

It’s officially Summer! As we all know, this season symbolizes warm weather and family vacations! While planning your perfect vacation or spending quality time with your family from the comfort of your home, it’s important to give yourself a self-love day as well! Use all-natural products to give yourself that extra boost without harming your skin. Here are a few ideas on what to do to get started:

  • Treat yourself to a nice, long bubble bath with Urban Hydration’s Brighten and Glow Peach & Papaya Bubble Bath! Play some of your favorite music in the background and soak in the calmness around you. Want to go the extra mile? Add some of your favorite flower petals to your bubble bath for a personal touch and aesthetic!
  • Give some LUHV to your skin with the Pink Clay Face Mask for radiant skin and a perfect detox! Apply the face mask, relax, and spend some time with yourself. Play your favorite music, start a bubble bath, make some of your favorite tea, or do anything else that fills your cup! Finish it off by massaging your skin with the Mango and Lime Everything Oil to moisturize your skin and keep it feeling soft!
  • As you enjoy your summer with family, friends, and fun plans, it's important to give yourself a break once in a while by doing something you love. Make sure to give yourself time to destress, calm down, and focus on yourself. Self-love is the first step to accomplishing whatever you want!

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