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SPF without the White Cast as told by Essence Magazine

SPF without the White Cast as told by Essence Magazine

The first official day of summer is June 21st.  

Have you run into the same issue as Danielle Pinnock?  These Sunscreens Were Made With Melanated Skin In Mind, And Promise Results - Essence



If you LUHV your skin, protect it with SPF!  Despite the fact that very few people know what it is, SPF is actually pretty straightforward. SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor and it is a measure of the sunscreen’s ability to protect your skin from UVB rays. 

Our skin continually works to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun and by using SPF, the harmful ultraviolet rays can have long lasting damage if you don't use SPF.  SPF 30 blocks about 97% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that come in contact with your skin, preventing almost all chances of any of the risks that are associated with UV rays.

Reduce the risk of sunburn, skin cancer, and skin inflammation by simply reapplying your favorite SPF every 90 minutes or so.

Rest assured the Castor and Shea Body lotion with SPF 30 and Castor and Shea Face lotion with SPF 30, will help make sure you can enjoy your time outside with effective protection against sunburn.  They were especially formulated for melanin skin, so you know what that white residue!


 Written by Akshara Akella & Mykah Hardin

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