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Tattoo my Sign on my Freckles? #AstroFrecks

Tattoo my Sign on my Freckles? #AstroFrecks

When our team heard about this new beauty hack we had to share it with the Urban Hydration Nation. Tattoo artist Jessica Knapik has mastered the art of creating temporary tattoos that look like freckles in the shape of zodiac signs. The woman in our featured image has the constellation Virgo tattooed on her face.

According to the artist this is a great way to recognize your birth month or celebrate the birth and life of a loved one. She takes into consideration the way the sun would naturally shine on a client's face when designing the tattoos.

I have lots of freckles already so it would be obvious on my face. But would you try this? Let us know in the comments below! And follow us on Instagram for more fun photos, videos, and news on Urban Hydration.

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