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Tariffs On Chinese Goods

Tariffs On Chinese Goods

Within the week, the U.S Government approved more than $200 Billion more in tariffs on Chinese goods. Some people don’t grasp the effect that these tariffs have on people. While the trade war with China is ongoing, soybean farmers in America are unable to export their goods to their number one exporter, China. With tariffs as high as they are, these farmers are struggling just to break even on their crops. This all comes after many farmers decided to plant more soybean than corn because of promising forecasts, however this trade war is severely hindering with their livelihood. All political views aside, people’s way of life is being damaged because of acts that are so far out of their control. Farmers make their money in one large bulk payment per year when all their crops are harvested, so If these tariffs continue, they may not be able to profit for the entire year.

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