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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring is here, and with that means spring cleaning. Opening the blinds and sweeping, dusting, recycling, and reorganizing your house, is a must! In order to receive more, you have to clean the space you have to create room for something better. The same principle applies to your hair LUHV! If you are on your natural hair journey and hoping for longer and healthier hair, you have to really be cleaning the hair you already have to the best of your ability. We’re going to share two fantastic shampoo and conditioner combos that can make your hair goals easier to reach.

Urban Hydration Honey Health & Repair Repairing Shampoo intensely cleanses, moisturizes and revitalizes dry hair in one wash! This shampoo is loaded with healthy, natural, extreme moisturizing ingredients that promote shine and health, while strengthening hair and revitalizing curl definition. Urban Hydration Honey Health & Repair Deep Conditioner breaks through tangles, while cleansing and moisturizing strands and restoring softness. Natural Honey draws moisture deep into your hair, while Sweet Vanilla Bean extract helps repair damage from heat, processing and dryness. Ginger and Aloe Vera add increased protection from future breakage, while adding necessary moisture.

Or if you're struggling to stimulate your scalp due to dryness, the Urban Hydration Rose + Hemp Shampoo and Deep Conditioner is the remedy you need!  Both products will clean your hair, relax and protect your scalp, as well as rehydrate your curls! Hemp seed oil is packed full of Vitamin E and is a strong conditioning agent, and Rosehip Oil hydrates the scalp to help prevent hair thinning and loss. Both ingredients provide extreme moisturizing to help prevent breakage and repair damage. 

You can go to our website to try the Honey Health & Repair products or the Rose + Hemp Dry Scalp Remedy line...either way your hair wins! 

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