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Salt VS. Sugar: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Scrub: Part 3

Salt VS. Sugar: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Scrub: Part 3

So, you may have heard of a trend going around where carbonated water is being used on the face as a way to clear the pores and add moisture. Well, while we can’t say we’ve tried that yet, we do have some products of our own that not only clear your pores and hydrate your skin, but they also exfoliate it and leave it feeling super soft and natural—and it’s not just for your face! No carbonated water required! At Urban Hydration, we love our scrubs: they’re the perfect way to add moisture, replenish your pores, and exfoliate, plus they come in all kinds of amazing flavors from fruits to Eucalyptus to Vanilla. Okay, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty: how do you know which scrub to use? There are sugar scrubs and salt scrubs, but, while they both exfoliate and leave your skin feeling flawless, they both offer unique features that work for different exfoliating occasions. And, yes, there is a right and wrong time to use them.

The Health Benefits of Both:

Aside from making your skin feel like butter, both sugar and salt offer unique health benefits for your skin. Salt comes with the most benefits: it is proven to stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, increase moisture retention, promote cellular regeneration, detoxify the skin, and help heal dryness, scaling, and irritation. Oh, and there’s more: Sea Salt also reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints and relieves pain and soreness. Basically, Sea Salts are miracle workers, and everyone needs them in their life. Sugar still boasts an impressive amount of benefits as well. Like salt, sugar also promotes moisture retention, drawing moisture from the environment into your skin. It also contains glycolic acid, which, with its tiny molecules, can penetrate the skin’s surface easily, targeting acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and excess oils. Cash in on these benefits by checking out our amazing scrubs and deciding which one is right for you!

Do you prefer salt or sugar scrubs? Let us know in the comments!

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