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Ready to Glow

Ready to Glow

SPRING IS COMING!! We can slowlyyyy start putting our winter coats away and leaving out of the house in only light jackets. The winter was cruel, but the Urban Hydration Body Lotions kept our skin glowing and protected. If you haven’t been moisturizing your body well during the winter months..don’t worry, you still have time. 

First for those with very dry or eczema prone skin, I highly recommend the Moisture-Locking Castor & Shea Body Lotion. The Castor & Shea Body Lotion can even skin and provide a deeper moisturization. Urban Hydration Dry & Eczema Prone Moisture-Locking Lotion is formulated with Castor Oil & Shea Butter to help naturally combat dryness while soothing and protecting skin. This nutrient packed body lotion helps smooth skin, while providing daily protection from environmental factors that increase signs of aging, to keep you feeling and looking youthful! 

But maybe your skin isn’t particularly suffering from dryness but you want smoother and softer skin… you need the Soothing & Cooling Aloe Vera Leaf Daily Body Moisturizer. Urban Hydration Soothing & Cooling Aloe Vera Leaf Daily Body Gel Moisturizer leaves your skin moisturized , while fading dark spots. Lightweight and gentle enough to use everyday. Cucumber Extract helps reduce inflammation and irritation. Aloe Vera Leaf is also great for eczema prone skin, helping balance your skin’s moisture without leaving behind a heavy or greasy feel.

Now that the sun is back shining on us and we MIGHT be able to return outside soon, you want to make sure your skin is ready to glow! Hurry to our website, JCPenny or Kohl’s to purchase both today! 

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