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New Year, New Haircare Routine - 2023 Hair Reset Guide

New Year, New Haircare Routine - 2023 Hair Reset Guide

Happy New Year! As you kickstart this year with many resolutions, here’s our reminder to be kind to yourself, your skin, and your hair. Join us as we celebrate this new year and share our tips on how to reset and restart your self-care routines!  

As you work on restarting your hair routine this New Year, here are some of our tips on what to keep in mind as you find the right products for yourself.  

  • Know your hair porosity 
    • Your hair porosity is your key to be able to give your hair the products it needs. The porosity of your hair is simply the measure of how well it can absorb hydration and nutrients while blocking out damaging substances. Click here to read our post on hair porosity and which products of ours suits your porosity best. 
  • Know your hair needs 
    • Being able to identify your hair type and hair needs will help you find products that benefit your hair and its needs. This will also help you eliminate products that do not serve your hair type or hair needs.  
  • Use natural products/Avoid chemicals 
    • As a natural skincare and haircare brand, we preach this ALL the time. Although it may seem easier and a quicker solution to use chemicals on your hair, the effects are only temporary. Think about it like this: chemicals will prevent a dry scalp or promote shiny hair by giving your scalp/hair what it wants at the time. However, the moment you stop using these products, your hair will go back to how it was before. Natural ingredients, nutrients, will provide your hair with the food that it needs to get and remain healthy.  

Join our LUHVIE list and follow our other socials for more tips on keeping your skin and hair healthy this year! 

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