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Whats so amazing about pomegranates?

Whats so amazing about pomegranates?

By: Ashley Johnson

I am always researching the health benefits of the fruits we use in our Urban Hydration products. This week I ran across the pomegranate, and had to share the amazing benefits of it.

1. Pomegranate helps to boost your heart health! The vitamins inside the pomegranate help to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

2. One pomegranate contains enough Vitamin C for your entire day. Vitamin C is also known to help delay signs of aging. You can also mix pomegranates with other ingredients to make a paste and apply to your face to help fight acne and free-radical damage!

3. Pomegranates are packed with anti-oxidants which help to fight disease such as cancer and diabetes. The pomegranate can also fight colon and lung cancer almost as well as chemo therapy! 

4. The punic acid in pomegranates can help to strengthen hair follicles, improve circulation to your scalp and stimulate hair growth! The seed oil in pomegranate can also help to moisturize kinky, frizzy hair. 

5. Its been rumored that pomegranate seed paste may be able to reverse graying hair. The properties in pomegranate are powerful and L'Oreal has even filed a patent application for a formula that includes a fruit extract from pomegranate that helps mimic L-Tyrosine, which is an amino acid that plays a huge role in hair color!

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And eat a pomegranate today! 

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