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Jamaican Castor Oil Launch

Jamaican Castor Oil Launch

First, Urban Hydration's Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo and Detangler gently cleanses curls of oil and buildup. A blend of true Jamaican Castor Oil and avocado oil leaves hair clean and soft, repairing broken locks for healthier and luscious looking hair.

Next, Urban Hydration's Jamaican Castor Co-Wash and Conditioner gently cleanses and moisturizes your hair. Designed for weightlessly soft, shiny results, the solution has the power to strengthen and promote longer curls for ultimate hair goals. (It also smells AHHMAZING!)

Last, but not least, Urban Hydration's Jamaican Castor Oil Curl Cream seals in moisture for a frizz-free look. Jamaican castor oil promotes longer hair and improves strength, while avocado oil wraps curls in luxurious softness.

I know that since this is probably the best news you’ve gotten all week, you're getting your keys and heading to the car because you and your hair are ready for the ultimate strengthen and lengthen treatment! Don’t delay, head to Bed Bath & Beyond to get these products before they all sell out!

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