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Jamaican Castor Oil Haircare Crew

Jamaican Castor Oil Haircare Crew

Every week, we share with you why we think our products are amazing, unique, and worth your purchasing. This week, we’re sharing some reviews from influencers and luhvies who have tried our products, and gave us their honest feedback. We want you to do what’s in the best interest of your hair, and the best way to make a smart purchase decision is to be fully informed.  Here’s what you need to know:

Urban Hydration's Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo and Detangler gently cleanses curls of oil and buildup. A blend of true Jamaican Castor Oil and avocado oil leaves hair clean and soft, repairing broken locks for healthier looking hair.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Shampoo + Detangler and the Co-Wash + Conditioner. A lot of shampoos tend to strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it parched and dry. Just from the shampoo alone my hair felt so moisturized and gently detangled, which was an added bonus! It felt good knowing my hair was still being nourished during the cleansing routine.” -  Luhvie, Natural Hair Influencer,  @itsaridawn 

Urban Hydration's Jamaican Castor Co-Wash and Conditioner gently cleanses and moisturizes your hair. Designed for weightlessly soft, shiny results, the solution has the power to strengthen and promote longer curls for ultimate hair goals.

“It was an absolute pleasure using the Jamaican Castor Oil line from Urban Hydration. The curl cream has lots of slip and the shampoo was very cleansing and the thick lather was great , but my absolute favorite had to be the JCP co-wash/conditioner. It can literally be used on its own and still locks in a ton of moisture!” - Luhvie, Natural Hair Influencer, @justeulaisha

Urban Hydration's Jamaican Castor Oil Curl Cream seals in moisture for a frizz-free look. Jamaican castor oil promotes longer hair and improves strength, while avocado oil wraps curls in luxurious softness.

 “Urban Hydrations JCO Curl Cream has my braid out feeling super hydrated, lightweight, and bouncy. Go get yours!”- Luhvie, Natural Hair Influencer, @

If you don’t trust us, you can trust them! Your hair deserves to be more than just clean, and manageable. It’s time to strengthen & lengthen! Head to your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond for this amazing collection today!

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