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How About Getting Whole Foods at your House?

How About Getting Whole Foods at your House?

by Ima Linzag

Let’s go back and take a look at what your January was probably like: It’s the beginning of the new year and you are determined that this will finally be the year you work on those unresolved resolutions from years past! You enroll in that gym membership, throw out the junk food in your kitchen, and you even download a mobile app that will help you count your calories. You buy a brand new planner with motivational quotes for every monthly spread and with an innovative page layout that will get your life organized. To top it all off you even begin listening to audiobooks on your commute to work in an attempt to be more cultured and in tune with the world.

Fast forward to now: It’s the middle of February, and you’ve caught yourself skipping going on your neighborhood runs because of the cold weather. The brand new shiny planner that you bought is still brand new and shiny--all because you haven’t touched it since the first week of the year. Because you’ve been making trips to the gym after work, you find yourself too tired to go grocery shopping for real meals when you get back home, so you spend more money eating out (more often than not, on fast food). You’re beginning to think that this will be a repeat of last year and the years before, where you’ve lost the resolve to go forward with your resolutions.

Not all is lost though! There is now a way for you to save your time and your plans for a “new year, new you.” You can start buying your groceries all from the comfort of your phone or computer all thanks to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017. Amazon’s Prime Now service, which allows Prime members to have their purchases delivered to them within two hours, will be integrating with Whole Foods to deliver groceries to customers via Prime Now. Customers from Dallas, Austin, Cincinnati, and Virginia Beach will be enjoying the convenient grocery delivery option first before the service rolls out to the rest of the country. So rejoice! You can now have your produce and other grocery needs meet you at your doorstep after a good workout at the gym (or a movie marathon on your couch, we won’t judge).  

 - Ima Linzag

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