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Hot 2018 Hair Trends

Hot 2018 Hair Trends

by Sneha Daniel

2018 has had already so many hair trends that have been evident throughout the world. From natural curls to going blonde, every fashionable look has been unique and stunning. This year has been all about curly and natural hair. It is now even more encouraged for bigger and dramatic curls. Straightening hair and applying a tremendous amount of heat are gone. Now is the time to embrace all the curls.

It seems like almost every celebrity is going blonde. But not just any blonde, dirty blonde. This also places a subtle emphasis on the term 'natural'. While most people assume that others dye their hair blonde to exhibit a fake and plastic look, the dirty blonde dye puts a stop to that. The look is muted but also impactful in one's overall look.

Pixies are also back and quirky as ever. While most might think that pixie cuts are just a hairstyle a week after a buzz cut, each pixie cut has their own unique look. Spiky, long, short, and tipped pixies are all on the craziest new trend for 2018.

Fake bangs seem rather unorthodox but many celebrities such Chrissy Tiegan are giving it a try—and it works! This new trend is popular due to its lack of commitment. One can achieve a fashionable new look without even hitting the salon.

High and tight pony tails are also on the new wave. This is also emphasizes on the minimality of the look. Just a simple slick back and a hair tie is all you need to still look chick.

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