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Hello Beautiful : Tried It: Urban Hydration’s Vanilla Everything Mist Gives You All The Sheen You Need!

Hello Beautiful : Tried It: Urban Hydration’s Vanilla Everything Mist Gives You All The Sheen You Need!

This article is an excerpt from Hello Beautiful to read the full article please click here 

Every Black girl knows that there are levels to ashy. There’s “I used my boyfriend’s cheap lotion last night and now I gotta borrow hand cream from my coworker” ashy. There’s “I was in a rush last this morning and I didn’t really hit them elbows the way my Big Mama taught me” ashy. 

And then there’s the dreaded, “I just got out of the pool” ashy. 

Lately, I’ve been dealing with the latter more than I’d like. As I have focused more on my personal fitness journey I have been turning to water aerobics and while I love the feel of flapping my arms and stretching my back in my chlorine-filled paradise it leaves my skin super thirsty. Initially, I tried to combat the dryness of my post-pool skin with heavy creams and super slick oils but that only sat on top of my tired pores.

Enter Urban Hydration Vanilla Everything Mist ($9.99, I picked a bottle of this Black-owned spray for less than $10 at the annual In Her Shoes Holiday Bazaar hosted by Renae Bluitt and I would have paid twice that! The Coconut Oil, Witch Hazel, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E combination are the perfect combination for me.

I spray it all over my body after I get in the shower and when I wake up in the morning my skin is like, “Pool? I don’t know her.” 

It also smells amazing and the nozzle on the bottle does not get clogged (an underrated beauty product characteristic). On days I skip the pool I layer it underneath my Carol’s Daughter Monoi Eau de Toilette perfume as a fragrance. It’s lightweight and doesn’t damage my clothes no matter what fabric I’m wearing.  As an added bonus, those who have difficulty reaching certain areas of their body due to pregnancy, a disability, or any other reason can spray this to catch those hard to reach places.  Even better: If you’re trying to be more cognizant of what chemicals and are putting on your body, Urban Hydration is a great choice. This product is vitamin B-rich Vanilla extract and is sulfate, paraben and silicone-free.

The one downside to this product is the bottle is a little cumbersome so I tend to use it at home or at the gym only, but it can easily transfer to your favorite spray bottle.

FINAL SAY: I plan on using this to maintain my glow all summer long. It is the perfect solution for when you need a light sheen but you don’t want to be drenched with oil. I suggest you stock up today sis!  "

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