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Happy National Self-Improvement Month!

Happy National Self-Improvement Month!

September is known as National Self-Improvement Month! The purpose of National Self-Improvement Month is to dedicate a full month to developing new habits, taking care of yourself, setting new goals, and removing negativity in your life. Here are some things you can do to build positive, healthy habits:

  • Learn a new activity or skill! Take this month to find a new hobby that you can use as a stress reliever. Having a hobby in your free time or when you need to relax is super important and is a great way to cope with stress. Take time out of your week to experiment with different activities and find something you like!
  • Add a self-care day into your week! An ideal day would be one where you don't have much to do and can set extra time aside for yourself. Spend some time practicing some form of self-care on this day to help rejuvenate and relax. Take a hot bath with your favorite Urban Hydration Bath Products or cater to your skin with your favorite Urban Hydration Skincare Products!

Comment your goals for this month below and sign up to join the LUHVIE list for more self-care ideas from us this month!

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