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Fall Skincare Tips

Fall Skincare Tips

As the seasons change and the air becomes cooler and drier during fall, it's essential to adjust your skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Here are some of our favorites to ensure that your skin is kept healthy through the season change: 

  1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration: As the temperatures slowly drop, the skin is more prone to dryness. Switch to a thicker face wash and lotion to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy through the dry season. Our Castor and Shea Face Wash and Moisturizer are the PERFECT addition to your skincare routine with its thick, creamy texture and natural hydrating properties 
  2. Gentle Cleansing: Gentle, sulfate-free cleansers ensure that your skin isn’t being secretly damaged. Our Castor and Shea Face Wash is the perfect, chemical free, natural cleanser that your skin needs this fall and winter seasons. Made with coconut oil derived surfactants and cleansing agents, this face wash ensures that your skin is being cleaned without the hidden damages.  
  3. Nourishing Face Masks: Hydrating face masks are key to give your skin the additional boost of hydration this winter season. For combination skin, use our Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask to balance the natural oils in your skin. For dry skin, use our Castor and Shea Peel Off Face Mask to give your skin a moisture boost this winter season.  

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