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Electric Bike-aloo

Electric Bike-aloo

Before the end of his first year as CEO Dara Khosrowshahi of the popular transportation service UBER, who employs everyday drivers to double as a taxi service for those in need of transportation in cities all over the US, began a new endeavor in February; UBER Bicycles.

The idea was to give the everyday commuters a new option rather than driving or taking an Uber through traffic to go only a few blocks to work. Uber bikes are electric bicycle and scooter alternatives to cars, that can be reserved and used throughout the day.

The CEO understands the ramifications of possibly losing some business in the beginning but is hopeful for the future of commuting. It is true that the Uber drivers will be utilized less for small rides, but the potential for them to land longer, more lucrative rides is giving them a new hope for the Uber bikes idea.

Early trial periods in San Francisco and other larger cities have yielded positive results in the longer rides per Uber driver and it seems like a positive shift for commuters who dislike the congestion of rush hours. The CEO understand that it could be a financial wound at first but thinks it could be better not only for the customer, but for the city and the drivers as well. If this keeps up, maybe Uber bikes will be coming to a city near you! 

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