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Drake Sets the World Abuzz with Scorpion

Drake Sets the World Abuzz with Scorpion

Drake’s new album, Scorpion, dropped, and he’s got the whole world buzzing about it. The very last song on his album, March 14, is what sent the world raging over his announcement that he had a son. Drake had kept his fans waiting an entire month to clarify rumors that he had a son ever since artist Pusha-T released a song outing Drake for keeping his son a secret, “The Story of Adidon”. A close source to Drake confirmed that March 14th” was recorded long before Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon”. Although “March 14th” is the title of the song about his son, it isn’t when he was born, but most likely when it was recorded. Drake’s son is named Adidon, born October 11 which makes his son a Scorpion, the title of Drake’s album. As for the mother, she is a former French Porn Star named Sophie Brussaux that Drake claims to only have met twice.

March 14 starts off with Drake immediately quoting a Michael Jackson song saying, “the kid is mine”. He openly lets his fans into his private life saying he’s only met with the mother of his child two times, and that it only took one time. With no shame, Drake admits his harsh truth to only having seen his kid once. Now, it’s not clear if being able to see his son is out of his control but he does say he hopes his relationship with the mother gets better instead of “cutting each other down”. It seems Drake wants the best for his son since he spoke on him wanting his kids to have it different than him and grow up with a strong family unit. Where now, he hates admitting he’s a co-parent and how much that embarrasses him after constantly challenging his parents on previous albums. Despite the way Pusha-T attempted to take Drake’s story to tell, Drake’s album was still very well received and Pusha-T is now “the bad guy”.

- Stephanie Cortes

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