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Crayola Has Launched A Makeup Line

Crayola Has Launched A Makeup Line

Get ready to be hit with a wave of nostalgia because Crayola has released a makeup line. Crayola has teamed up with Asos to launch an exclusive makeup line. The product comes in bold and bright colors but also neutral and more natural ones as well. The best part—the cosmetics look EXACTLY like the authentic Crayola crayons we grew up with!

The line of cosmetics ranges from eyeshadow to mascara and has about 58 products in total. The prices do fall on the expensive side, however. But it's worth it, if you look at details such as the classic yellow and green packaging. Even the iconic names we've grown up with such as tumbleweed and Purple Mountain's Majesty have dawned their names on this collection. You can get it all online at!



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