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Corner Store's Got Legs

Corner Store's Got Legs

Now we are talking! I know I gave CVS flack about its old-timey convention of how to gain and earn more customers via hiring more senior citizens. I am however a now new believer in the power of CVS! 

CVS is opening what I think is the most innovating thing in its class of retailers. They are opening a mobile pharmacy/convenience store in the shape of a normal soda machine.  This new idea will start over seas in London - they get every trend first! Then it will make its way to New York in places like LaGuardia International airport. 

It's the neatest idea for brand extension and answering the millennial call of on demand - want it when I need it shopping. I am a lover of everything Red Box and I saw them take BlockBuster down before most of their C-suite could sign their pink slips. I don't know if this will have the same effect but if you see competition to CVS with older than normal employee staff - then you know they figured out if you don't move - then you stay stagnant. 

Good job CVS! You will absolutely have my dollars, hopefully, you take the debit card chip in those things! 


- Psyche Terry

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