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Companies Are Starting to Hit The Trend of Being Environmentally Friendly

Companies Are Starting to Hit The Trend of Being Environmentally Friendly

Throughout the past few years, as more millennials have entered the marketplace, it has been more apparent that the new age of investing is ESG, Environmental, Social, and Governmental.  Millennials are choosing to invest their money in these companies that are environmentally aware, socially responsible, and comply with governmental regulations because of the security it represents. This is especially true in the cosmetic and grocery industries where social media has ruined companies because of news that broke, that they were acting irresponsibly and not according to their mission statements. Companies that have adapted to this have seen great results and are retaining investors at a higher rate than companies whose main concern is to maximize shareholder wealth.

Personally, I believe that this is because companies who are ESG compliant are considered “Social Media Safe” meaning that news shouldn’t suddenly break that would stop consumers for buying a certain companies product. This is great news for companies such as Urban Hydration that pride themselves on ESG and brings upon tremendous growth opportunities. ESG is highly thought of as the next market trend and it is great to see companies like Urban Hydration that are setting the standard high.


Tyler McMahon 6/15/2018

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