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Combat Dry Skin with Castor and Shea!

Combat Dry Skin with Castor and Shea!

With the colder weather creeping up, proper skincare for dry skin will become more important. Lucky for you, we have the perfect product for you, our Castor and Shea collection!

Packed with moisturizing nutrients, the Castor and Shea collection includes…

  • Face Wash - Great for cleansing the face without drying out the skin. 
  • Face Lotion - Lightweight lotion that effectively hydrates the skin while evening out skin tone
  • Body Lotion - Great to use all over the body for even moisturization and protection against impurities
  • Spot Cream - Effective against those annoying little spots on the face that never seem to go away. 
  • Night Cream - Rejuvenates and hydrates your skin overnight to feel refreshed and moisturized when you wake up in the morning
  • Peel off Mask - Cleanses the skin and removes impurities while boosting its hydration. Add it to your routine once to twice a week to deep clean and moisturize your skin 

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