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Beauty Devices from the Future

Beauty Devices from the Future

We all know that technology has changed the way we’ve lived and interacted with one another over the past couple of centuries, but recently, there have been huge technological innovations in the beauty industry that have the potential to completely change the way we see cosmetics, health, and beauty. From ‘magic mirrors’ to hydration meters, these innovative products are sure to make a splash in the industry in the coming years.

The HiMirror

This real-life magic mirror is going to get to know you (and your face) better than you know yourself. By creating a personalized skin profile, which is stored on your own account, the mirror uses the camera and its unique technology to keep track of your unique aging and even how many wrinkles you have! It’s also able to process your complexion in different lighting scenarios (which you can set) and help you do your makeup according to those unique lighting scenarios, leading to much better looks to fit the situation. The HiMirror starts at $369, and even less if you buy it used, and provides a great value for the beauty aficionados. If you want to take it one step further, the account you create can also be linked to the HiMirror’s partner, the Smart Body Scale, which keeps track of your weight, body fat ratio, body mass index, muscle & bone mass, and basal metabolic rate right in your home, all for $99.

The Kérastase

I know it sounds crazy, but get this: a smart brush that can keep track of everything going on with your hair! The brush links to an app to provide you info on your brushing habits and other facts and tips, a system that won the 2017 CES Innovation Award. This information includes how healthy your hair is and even how certain products will affect your hair. Even more, the app will tell you how things like temperature, UV, humidity - even wind conditions for the day - will affect your hair. The connected brush isn’t out yet, but you can sign up to get a notification whenever it’s released on Kérastase’s website.

MiLi Skin Moisture Meter

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of skincare: although it seems simple, it seems like everyone is scrambling to make sure their skin has plenty of water in order to stay healthy. Fortunately, this product does away with the guessing game by making use of a high-tech meter that can measure the hydration levels of your face, neck, hands, and more. For the less hydrated parts of your body, H2O+ Beauty offers a special Hydrating Treatment or Cream to remedy those pesky skin issues. The MiLi Skin Moisture Meter is being sold at an amazing offer: right now, if you make a purchase of $35 or more, H2O+ Beauty will throw in the moisture meter for free, available on their website.

These are just a few of the amazing inventions becoming available in the beauty industry. For more devices, check out the source article from E! News: These High-Tech Beauty Devices Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever.


What's your favorite device out of these? Are there any devices you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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