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3 Quick Hairstyles Dads can do for their Daughters

3 Quick Hairstyles Dads can do for their Daughters

By: Vontoba Terry
An Austin, TX parenting blog recently ran a story with tips for dads that find themselves in the position of needing to do their daughter’s hair. For the untrained man, this can be a perilous situation - wanting to make sure your princess is looking her best. 
I have a 3-year old girl who is full of life and energy. If my wife is traveling or it’s my turn to drop her off at school, I need to be able to handle a hair emergency, so here is what I learned. 
Top 5 Hairstyles for Dads for Daughters
1.  Ponytails
This is a go-to hairstyle that involves using a detangler and combing or brushing her hair out and using a hair bow or other closure to pull the hair together neatly. There are endless variations: side ponytail, high ponytail, wrapped pony, and the list goes on!
2. Buns
A bun is a hairstyle where you pull the hair back, similar to a ponytail, and wrap the hair around itself in a circle. That’s my best dad explanation!
3.  Twisted Braid
For the braiding connoisseurs, part her hair down the middle and braid each side and tie the two braids together in the back.
4. Comb Out
If she has shorter hair, you can wash and condition her locs and then use a wet comb to loosen any tangles. Use a quality moisturizer and see how her waves, curls, or coils flow naturally. If she doesn’t like the end result, a good hair cut may help even out lengths, minimize any split ends, and give her healthier hair to style next time.  
I’m going to try these ideas on my daughter and let you know what happens!
For a step by step guide to these hairstyles, check out this blog, and then shop for styling cream, hair gel, and other must haves!
Do you have any other quick hairstyles for dads? Let us know in the comments. 
Good Luck!
Vontoba (@vontoba) 
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