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The Good Life Show Premiere

The Good Life Show Premiere

In March, we celebrate #BlackHistory in the making as Urban Hydration founders, Vontoba and Psychelia hit the big screen, in a big way!

What happens when you combine a vibrant, funny Beauty Boss with successful and intelligent Business Mogul in a lifestyle talk show?

The Good Life Show is centered around life hacks, TikTok trends, beauty & fashion tips, celebrity guests, and the Terry's life experiences as a millionaire husband-and-wife team!

Psyche Terry, Mrs. Texas 2022 and Co-Founder of UI Global Brands, a global manufacturer and nationwide marketer of consumer products with its keystone clean beauty brand, Urban Hydration, with products now sold in more than 30,000 stores, and Vontoba Terry, Co-Founder of UI Global Brands and Former Corporate Banker, are bringing their success in business and love life into an entertaining, inspirational, and relatable talk show setting.

The 30-minute show consists of trending social media topics, life hacks, celebrity guests interviews, wellness tips, and more!

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