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NFL VS American Flag

NFL VS American Flag

Two players by the name of Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee during the national anthem at the Miami Dolphins pre-season opener versus the Tampa Bay Bucs on Thursday. Other players raised their fists. This is still is an ongoing battle of NFL vs Flag. On Friday President D. Trump put tweets showing how angry he was that the NFL is still allowing members of the team to be disrespectful. Donald is asking that these players be suspended with no pay. Insight sources say that some of the coaches of the NFL are in support of the players doing this and will be willing to pay to get them out of suspension.

When will Donald Trump just allow people to have freedom of speech? It is great to see famous players, and people protest because it shows we are all human and have feelings. NFL is a huge part of American history, and I think if they are taking the time to protest it is for a reason.  We as their fans should not be agreeing with these angry tweets but support the love of the game. The season of Football I am sure is going to be quite interesting.

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