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Licensed to Braid?

Licensed to Braid?

By: Vontoba Terry

Two weeks ago, I wrote about potential bills that would impact hair stylists in the states of Arizona and Missouri. Then I came across an article from Teen Vogue that brought another game changing proposal to my attention in the state of Tennessee. House Bill 1809 would remove the requirement that hairstylists and barbers obtain a license from the State Cosmetology Board in order to style natural hair. Senator Mark Norris of Collierville, TN sponsored the bill in the state Senate.

According to this article and others, some hairstylists and barbers are opposing this bill because the licensing process is important for ensuring that there is training on proper safety and care for textured hair. Without this training, they argue, a client’s hair could be damaged or fall out, and in once case that we mentioned in my previous blog post, actually lead to unsanitary conditions that cause diseases to spread.

Ebony Winston, a hairstylist and owner of The Doll House Salon in Toledo, OH, said that hairstylists should be licensed "because you are dealing with a person's scalp and sanitation. If you have not been taught properly in a school what to look for as far as diseases and sanitation you could easily pass a fungus which could cause permanent hair loss."

What do you think? Should a hairstylist or barber be required to have a license in order to work on your natural hair? Let us know in the comments below. 

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