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It's about time Black actresses get the Oscars they deserve!

It's about time Black actresses get the Oscars they deserve!

By: Jimmie Vera

As times develop, and change we have seen more, and more African- American women winning Oscars, but a recent tag of FB asked ‘’ what about those actresses who made history that never got their Oscar” People began that tag by mentioned one of the best actresses of all times Angela Basset. Seems she has been nominated for an Oscar but never received one. Mother Basset has played roles that no normal women could play, such as her role in ‘’ What’s Love Got to Do with It’’, and other famous films of that decade.

Not only Angela Basset, but also Whoppie Goldberg. Dianna Ross, and Gabourgh Sidbe. This topic came about after the recent press release on Monique’s Netflix deal gone wrong, seems that there are so many actresses who face the same dilemmas, but go silent when it comes to speaking out. Now that this has risen, people are trying to get the Oscars to start nominating past actresses for past movies, for current titles of an Oscars. All in all people all great actors/actresses deserve at least one Oscar, and I hope the Oscar starts handing this awards to the best of people.

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