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Happy Birthday... Hand Crafted and Delivered

Happy Birthday... Hand Crafted and Delivered

Maybe this stands out to me because today is my birthday! That’s right, today is the one day of the year when people show me through text messages, phone calls, Facebook Videos (that’s new- and a little creepy) - I got one from a fan that said xxx (I don’t know him) has created a Facebook video for you- it was weird, but thoughtful... I digress- and lastly greeting cards. 

 I am old school and I love a nice card in the mail. I will admit, at one point between nursing my newborn and my new business, I had the nerve to even send a sticky note attached to a gift! My friend of then 20+ years put me on notice. She said, "hey, if your gonna send a note - send it right - and that meant - send a card." 

 I know that no one knows card giving better than Hallmark and that’s been proven time and time again as they have continued to create hybrid and niche selections of cards for just about every occasion and every culture. I too have been recently touched by Hallmark and I didn’t realize that I was turned on by a new campaign of theirs they call signature. This signature - hand crafted look and feel is amazing. I saw it and completely fell in love. I thought, oh I wish there was a birthday or two coming up for people that I could remember. And so it came upon me that two good friends of mine are December 6th and 7th. I was so pleased to get and give these beautiful hand crafted presentations to them. What I didn’t expect was just a day later my husband would have presented me the same exact plan on December 8th. 

 Hallmark is right, it does make you feel a certain kind of way to get a card. I love that they know the business of happy. I honor that their business practice helps make people ... well, happy! Way to go! 

Psyche Terry

Chief Inspiration Officer 

Making lives Happier & Healthier everyday! 


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