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Fall Skincare Tip 1: Everything Oil

Fall Skincare Tip 1: Everything Oil

With the Fall weather setting here are some tips this month to change up your skincare for the season shift! Join our email list for updates and new tips throughout this month!

Tip #1 for this month: Everything Oil! Everything oil, as its name suggests, can be used for pretty much everything. The moisturizing agents in the oil help the skin hydrate and prevent it from getting cracked up.

For skin:

  • Pre-shower: Smooth out the oil on desired parts of your skin and let sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing off in the shower.
  • Post-shower: Massage enough oil to moisture the skin and do not rinse off.

For hair:

  • Wet hair: On wet hair post-shower, apply a quarter-sized amount from roots to tips and style as usual.
  • Dry hair: On dry hair, apply a quarter-sized amount through hair and on the scalp.

Comment your favorite way of using Everything oil!

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