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Esthetician, Brittaney Trent recommends Urban Hydration

Esthetician, Brittaney Trent recommends Urban Hydration

At Urban Hydration we believe in the incredible impact of our passionate community members. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on an esthetician who likes to recommend products for her friends and clients based on her own experience. Meet Brittaney Trent, a true advocate for our brand! 🌟

Brittaney Trent is a skincare care expert working in the beauty industry with a deep understanding of the importance of sun protection in maintaining healthy and radiant skin. But also with a deep-rooted passion for looking good while sunbathing avoiding the ghostly white cast.

A set of products that Brittaney has passionately highlighted on her social media platforms is our Moisture-Locking Castor & Shea Body lotion and face lotion with SPF 30. In her own words over an article titled: ‘These are the 10 best sunscreens that leave no white cast, according to a licensed esthetician’ she commented:

"If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you know I've spoken about this product many times. A small but mighty Black-owned business formulated this SPF with pure, natural, and effective ingredients like shea butter and castor oil, which are the best for soothing, healing, and moisturizing dry, flaky skin. Friends and clients have asked me how to heal and soothe their eczema, and I recommend a pure, natural shea butter. Urban Hydration's sunscreen is great for the face and body but better for drier skin types and works great for combo skin during the winter."

What’s in it to love? Well, our product incorporates an innovative sunscreen formulated with Castor Oil & Shea Butter to help naturally combat dryness while protecting the skin from damaging UV rays. Its nutrient-packed formula helps smooth and even out skin tone, providing daily protection from environmental factors that increase signs of aging, to keep you feeling and looking youthful with a protected baby-smooth softness all day.

Brittaney's genuine endorsement of her personal experiences in her Instagram @brittaneytrent  is mixed with her professional commitment not only to looking for a wider audience but as a trusted resource for skincare enthusiasts seeking expert recommendations.

Join us in celebrating Brittaney for her unwavering support and her willingness to promote products with real results. We are honored to have her as a part of our supportive community. 🎉

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