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Black Panther makes history in the Middle East!

Black Panther makes history in the Middle East!

By: Ima Linzag

Black Panther has been breaking records back and forth, including highest-rated superhero film on Rotten Tomatoes, top-grossing solo superhero film, and highest-grossing superhero film in the United States. In addition to its domestic-wins, the movie is about to create history internationally in the Middle East.

            On April 18, Black Panther is set to premiere in Saudi Arabia, breaking a 35-year ban that the country has had on cinemas. The ban began in the 1980s, a time that ushered in ultra-conservative policies in the nation. An announcement of the ban-lift was announced this past December by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an attempt to change Saudi Arabian society.

            The historic film will premiere in a venue fit for royalty. The AMC-branded cinema oozes luxury, as it was originally built to be a symphony concert halls. One can find orchestra level and balcony level seats in the building, as well as marble bathrooms and leather seats. Following the premiere, AMC is planning on opening up 40 more theatres in the next five years in the country that was previously devoid of cinemas for over three decades.


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