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Aretha Franklin Left No Will or Trust for Her $80 Million Estate

Aretha Franklin Left No Will or Trust for Her $80 Million Estate

The Queen of Soul died with no will or trust for her reported $80 million estate, documents obtained by ET show. Franklin's four children -- Clarence, 63, Edward, 61, Ted, 54, and Kecalf, 48 -- filed a document Tuesday, listing themselves as interested parties in her estate. Franklin's niece, Sabrina Owens, asked the court to appoint her as personal representative of the estate and the case is assigned to Judge Jennifer Callaghan. (ET News) There are a lot of rumors that at the age of 12 Aretha had her first child from her father, though they tried to say she had a child with a boyfriend it is kind of hard to believe that was the case. Addition to the rumors they are stating that Aretha left no will, due to her being angry at what she experienced in life, and that she refused to leave behind anything for anyone.

Reports state that Aretha’s lawyer tried to convince the Queen of Soul to open and seal a will, but she never wanted to. The lawyer also reported that Aretha never gave a reason as to why she didn’t want a trust or a will. There are many reasons why she never left that behind, but I guess we will never know. I wish her children & family the best of luck in trying to retrieve what she worked so hard to have. Aretha was a phenomenal singer and woman. Aretha’s presence will truly be missed, and forever her songs will live on.

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