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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows or Mermaid Brows?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows or Mermaid Brows?

By: Ima Linzag

 No, one can deny the popularity of the mermaid trend these days. Lately, mermaid hair has become mainstream, and metallic and shimmery makeup reminiscent of the mythical creatures can be seen everywhere on the streets. One thing that you will notice as a common accessory to these looks is a strong brow, which has also been the aesthetic to follow these past few years (unless you live under a rock). But what happens when you combine the love of mermaids and bold brows together? Fishtail brows!

            The look was inspired by a model on America’s Next Top Model who featured a cut on her brow. It inspired Stefan, a beauty blogger, to create a more dramatic version of the look. Thus, the fishtail brows were born. The look he created on another beauty blogger, Huda Kattan, was his original creation made through Photoshop.

 Once, Huda herself had reposted the photo on her Instagram account, the trend blew up from there. Interestingly enough, Kattan has spurred other eyebrow trends, such as the McDonald’s eyebrows and Nike eyebrows. We are excited to see what other innovative brow looks she bestows on the world!

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