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Amazon and the Digital Future

Amazon and the Digital Future

Amazon is a true vision of innovation. What started as a humble online book store has grown into the largest online retailer. According to Forbes, the acquisition of Whole Foods was not simply about getting grocery data: it was about continuing exclusivity. Amazon has been introducing exclusivity through their own brand with clothing, house items, and even films. Now, they are introducing an exclusive beauty item: an all organic sheet mask created by OuiGLO. We are entering the new age. Articles scream that retail spaces and malls are disappearing. The future is digital and Amazon is our mall. Acquiring exclusivity with brands like OuiGLO and partnering with Nike to create their own pieces, sets them apart from any other store; brick and mortar or online. Not to mention the genius that is Alexa and Echo.

Before, you could unlock your inner Tony Stark and control parts of your house. Low on groceries? Want to hear your favorite song? Solved. Now, you can unlock your inner Cher with Echo Look. Your personal assistant can now become your personal stylist. As a Clueless fan, I am so excited about this and now am considering buying Alexa…in the future.

Amazon just continues to innovate and change the game. I look forward to the ease of living with Amazon and its wonderful new features.

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