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African Fashion Designs are Beautiful and Unique

African Fashion Designs are Beautiful and Unique

Laduma Ngxokolo is the founder and designer behind MaXhosa, a fashion label that uses traditional Xhosa beadwork motifs and patterns to celebrate the rich heritage of the Xhosa culture. Knit in black and white yarn, the shawl boasts the characteristic Xhosa aesthetic that Ngoxolo is famed for. The design is unisex and can be styled in over twenty different ways. Ngxokolo has had tongues wagging at home and abroad after he showcased his collections at the Palazzo Morando Show in Milan, Italy. Ngxokolo’s shawl was nominated by Tracey Lynch. (Article From

This is not the only break through in African Fashion, but there are even African Designers who create fashion based off obstetric art. They are creating these fashion futuristic forward clothing to bring more awareness to African Fashion. Fashion from the mother land is so beautiful, and all unique in its on way.   I am sure every country that is within the land of Africa has its own style, color, and fabric that all can enjoy wearing. As were still in the mist of the summer season, definitely try some African Inspired Wear to in-brace the more natural self that you are. 

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