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ABC News Live: Thrivership Awards

ABC News Live: Thrivership Awards

Last Friday, Urban Hydration had the amazing opportunity to be part of the inaugural ABC News Live Special: The Thrivership Awards, hosted by Robin Roberts.

On this evening, we recognized some of the most remarkable individuals in our community and supported incredible charitable organizations who go to work to make a difference every day.

Ryan Dwyer, a father who not only dealt with his 10-year-old daughter’s cancer diagnosis but his own as well. Having lost his restaurant job during the pandemic, he still remained committed to feeding front line workers, even from his hospital bed as he recovered from a bone marrow transplant to treat his leukemia.

His efforts go to support the organization Fine Dine Front Lines.

Abi Sutton, a nurse that was hit by a car and placed on a ventilator who owes her recovery to the nurses who cared for her. She was so inspired by them, she went to nursing school and came back to work with the same nurses who helped her recover. They now together support COVID patients who find themselves on ventilators as well. She does this while taking care of her son, who also suffered brain injuries during the initial accident. 

Her efforts go to support St. Luke's Kansas City Employee Covid-19 Assistance Fund.

Their stories and acts of generosity offer hope and healing to so many. We invite you to take a moment, enjoy this special broadcast on us, and learn about their these heroes!  

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