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The many looks of The Beautiful Aretha Franklin

by Urban Hydration |

Today I wanted to pay tribute to a beauty, a songstress and an ordained Queen of soulful music. I have personally loved a many of Aretha Franklin’s songs. She has about 4 octaves to her voice and could make any song sound amazing. I am truly and will always be a fan of her music. Her hair and her style however also needs just as much praise. I want to give notice and praise to a woman that brought style and acceptance of curves, melanin and curls. I’m every performance she stayed stylish and beautiful. She until the day she departed our earth showed us how a Queen of Soul should dress, look, sound and act. God rest her soulful soul. 

- Psyche Terry (@psycheterry), Urban Hydration Founder

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Frankling

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