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Joanna Gaines: From HGTV to the Cosmetics Industry

Posted by Colin Christopher on

There’s been trouble brewing over at HGTV with Joanna and Chip Gaines and their popular extreme renovation show, Fixer Uppers. Although mystery has shrouded the whole situation for months now, it seems that things are finally becoming clear and we can piece together the story (most of it, at least). If what news sources are reporting is true, it looks like we may see Joanna Gaines emerge as a star in the cosmetics industry as she moves away from her successful show on HGTV.

Long story short: HGTV has officially fired Joanna Gaines from the network. Don’t worry: HGTV sticks by the age-old saying “the show must go on,” and offered Fixer Uppers to Chip Gaines alone, but he’s opted out and chosen to join his wife in her new venture (what a guy). The questions remains, what happened to cause this drastic change? Joanna Gaines appears to have broken her contractual agreement with HGTV in reckless pursuit of her self-proclaimed true dream, creating a skincare line that “really works.” You may be thinking, “surely HGTV doesn’t have a ‘No Dreams’ clause in their contracts.” and you’d be right! The contract breach comes with the fact that Joanna signed a deal to distribute her new skincare line with QVC, which is not only directly against her contract in general, but QVC is a direct competitor of HGTV’s as well. The whole thing has gotten quite ugly in recent weeks, with HGTV hurling a lawsuit at Mrs. Gaines requesting that she receive permission from the network before starting any new businesses, and Mrs. Gaines has sent one right back claiming that the only reason that HGTV wants this to happen is so that they can have a piece of the pie. It all seems quite poorly thought on Joanna Gaines’s part, that is until you look into her skincare line, Allumiere, and the traction it’s getting in Hollywood and beyond.

This is where it gets really interesting. Allumiere has been lauded as a “miracle face creme” by celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa, and Jennifer Aniston, as they all claim that the product’s revolutionary QuSome Technology and Biosphere protein do an amazing job at “combating wrinkles, treating years of sun and chemical damage, and reversing aging on skin.” These unique ingredients have clearly set Gaines’s product apart and given her a headstart that HGTV doesn’t want to see her have. I’m rooting for Joanna though, as her product seems to be changing the lives of women across the country; People Magazine’s own senior editor gave it a shot and saw amazing results!

Joanna Gaines has since broken ties with QVC and focused on promoting Allumiere herself, and seems to be doing a great job of it so far.

If you’d like to read the full story and see People Magazine’s Brenda Talarico’s results, go to People Magazine to check it out!

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  • Very unhappy. Order face and eye cream for free sample now I’ve bwen charged for both 180.00 and they will not reverse this from my account. This is wrong if I️t says free I️t should not have anything attached to I️t. Very disappointed

    Kathy raper on

  • I would like to purchase some of Joanna Gaines new moisturizer, but I don’t know how to get in touch.

    Donna Wheat Saucier on

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